2012 Favourite Posts

Well, I thought I might as well jump on the New Year blogging bandwagon, and post a 2012 retrospective. Particularly since I'm laid up on the sofa having got 2013 off to a cracking start by pouring boiling pork juices onto my foot when taking a roast out of the oven. After an hour spent with said foot in a bucket of freezing water, and a quick wrapping in cling film to stop it blistering, I think I've probably got off fairly lightly, but I'm out of action on the doing-anything-useful front tonight. And whilst I'm guiltily blogging, Mr E is tackling a rather epic mound of dishes which was probably also fairly low on his wish list for today!

Anyway, enough of the outpourings of self pity and guilt! Here's a rundown of the most popular posts of 2012 each month, and my personal favourites too.

Most popular - Chocolate Extravaganza Wedding Cake
My favourite - My first steamed pudding - Mashed Potato and Treacle Pudding
Most popular - Quick Cider Bread
My favourite - Ripe Avocado Noodles
Most popular - Counting Calcium Granola Bar
My favourite - Dairy Free Chicken & Broccoli Bake
Most popular - Homemade Fondant Fancies
My favourite - the world outlined in royal icing!
Most popular - Fruit Cocktail and Muesli Cake
My favourite - Boeuf Bouruignon cooked in a Youth Hostel kitchen and vacuum flask
Most popular - Father's Day cake a la Mini-M
My favourite - Squirrel Chilli (yes really)
Most popular - Strawberry Marshmallow Chocolate Brownie Tart
My favourite - Beetroot Poppyseed and Lime Muffins

Most popular - Hello Kitty Pirate Cake
My favourite - chocolate coconut cherry and chilli torte
Most popular - Candied Melon Oatmeal Cookies
My favourite - I made 'Martha Town' with a bit of shelf and some Sharpies
Most popular - Brazilian Feiojada with Farofa and Vinaigrette
My favourite - my attempt at Watermelon Carving
Most popular - a guest post by my Mum - Ultimate Ginger Sandwich Cakes
My favourite - Hungry Caterpillar Food
Most popular - Melon and Blackberry Soup
My Favourite - Dairy Free Peanut Butter Fudge
Here's hoping that 2013 is just as varied - and of course Happy New Year!