Spooky Snacks

It's Halloween (almost).
And I've remembered in time (just) that I made lots of Halloween themed food last year, which I never shared.
We had a whole day where all of the meals and snacks were spooky (apart from breakfast  - so 66% meals... whatever!)

I made them to offset the Halloween sadness over being given treats and snacks at several Halloween functions that weren't dairy free. Understandable both from a logistical perspective, and from a small-child upset point of view.

Not quite decided yet what I'm making this year...

Morning snack
Monster mouths: Apple slices filled with peanut butter, apricot tongue/raisin and peanut teeth, and icing eyes.
Ghosts: Bananas, raisins and dairy free chocolate chips

Scary Snot Face: Hard boiled egg, raisin/sultana eyes. Ketchup blood vessels. Carrot nose, dairy free pesto snot, cracker and ketchup mouth.

Afternoon snack
"Spider" (it's missing a few legs, the plum wasn't very big!): Plum, blueberries on cocktail sticks, marshmallows on halved cocktail sticks with black icing eyes.

Spider-web pizza: Tortilla wrap, tomato sauce, dairy free cheese, black olives

Spooky Sharing Platter:
Hot-dog directed worms (with ketchup and some little bits of olive)
Crunchy bones and blood (crispy chilli beef and sweet and sour sauce)
Pumpkin patch - carrot slices in puree'd pea dip
Mini-crispbread toast gravestones

Proof that not all Halloween food fun is chocolatey (or even sweet!)