5th October

This is one of those weekends where everything seems to happen at once - so today has been a busy day. All 3 of us were on top of Arthur's seat by 9:30am, and we'd done a supermarket shop, got home and eaten lunch by 12! Embracing the hecticness, Mini-M and I then went to the matinee of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, since there were bargain basement tickets going. We only stayed until the interval, but she sat enthralled for a good hour solidly before getting a bit antsy. The highlights (as recounted to Mr E when we got home): They did 18 cartwheels, it was really snowing on the stage, but it was just pretend snow Daddy, and they had flapjacks and bacon for breakfast only wearing blankets because their clothes were a bit smelly. Fairly sure most of the actual plot went over her head - probably for the best!