Another installment of recipe-less photos!

I've been sorting through my iPhoto library again and have another selection of bakes and makes that I've cooked, taken pictures of, not blogged at the time and lost or forgotten the recipes for - a habit I don't seem to be able to shake, given how many times I've written posts of this variety!

Hedgehog hasselback potatoes 
Dark and swarthy ginger cake made with ginger infused rapeseed oil
Bigos pie
Chicken pasta salad
Scone pizza 
Chicken and green bean casserole 
Chocolate and ginger cake 
Raspberry coconut macaroons
Pineapple Blueberry and Coconut Pudding 
Marmalade cake
I shall try very hard to fit in a few more actual posts, before I succumb to the inevitable in another few months and post another recipe-less roundup!