Baked Plums with Nakd Ginger Crumble

Time for another recipe featuring one of the Natural Balance Nakd bar varieties I was sent to try.

This time I oped for the Gingerbread bar. It is amazing as a snack on its own, but I'm currently more than a little bit intrigued to explore the possibilities of cooking with these dense little bars of fruity, nutty goodness, so I restrained myself and used it to make pudding instead.

Artistically served under a blanket of yoghurt!
You know those plums you get at the supermarket that say 'ripen at home' but they never ripen properly... this is a great way to use them up (or take advantage of them on special offer price, knowing it doesn't matter whether or not they ripen to juicy perfection, since a quick trip to the oven will sort them out).

I wanted to keep it a) very easy and quick and b) as healthy as I could, and the result is a pud that is ready in 15 mins and only has 4 ingredients:

2 of the 4 ingredients 
Ready to be baked
Baked Plums with Nakd Ginger Crumble (serves 2.5)

  • 4 small not particularly ripe red plums
  • 1 Nakd Gingerbread bar
  • 1 large chunky or 2 normal sized plain oatcakes
  • 2 tsp runny honey

Preheat the oven to 180C
Half the plums and cut out the stones.
Place the plums cut side up in a casserole dish.
Chop the Nakd bar into very small chunks.
Crumble the oatcake into a small bowl.
Add the Nakd bar, honey and mix thoroughly.
Press teaspoons of the mixture into the stone cavity and over the cut surface of each plum.
Bake for 15 mins until the topping starts to brown.
Cool for a minute or two before serving, unless you like burning your mouth with molten plum!
Plum prints!
We ate ours with a dollop of soya yogurt and it was delicious - cooking the plums 'ripens' them even from fairly rock-like to begin with. The topping ends up chewy and delicious. But you don't have to feel too guilty enjoying them - or letting your kids tuck in. Mini-M as usual with anything fruity, was a big fan. Since I made this last week, she's asked me every day if we have any more plums left, in the hope that we can have it again. It would also work with any other stone fruits: apricots, peaches, nectarines (I can't think of any more!), or even tinned pears. Similarly, the topping could be flavoured however you like.