Great Grapes

We had snow today! Completely unrelated to the main subject of the post but nevertheless, snow! Enough to go sledging - even at sea level in Leith! So we did - and Mini-M was really non-plussed, however Mr E and I had fun so we're calling it a success. 

But back to the point of this post - grapes! I should add that this post should have been written in October... but somehow it wasn't, so it's no longer seasonal, but grapes still rock! Back in the autumn my sister, the lovely Auntie L moved house and in doing so inherited a grape vine literally groaning with grapes. I happily took several kilos of them off her hands (probably about 5kg and that was only a fraction of the bounty) and got creative with some grape recipes.

Some of the bounty
I'm no gardener, so I have no idea what variety they are. The best I can do is that they are a) black grapes b) sweet and good for eating c) have pips in them.

At the time I had plans to write up the recipes of what I'd made, but I've long since forgotten - oops! I think I can probably just remember what the dishes were though, so here goes:

Soon-to-be brandied grapes: Washed, slashed, sugared then brandied and left to mature
Spiced pickled grapes immediately before sealing
Grape, chicken and hummus galette 
Roasted grape and pistachio salad (and in behind, some chocolate and grape brownies) 
And my undoubted favourite - brandy and grape sorbet - it's AMAZING!