I am a contender for the world’s slowest knitter!

I started knitting a baby pinafore almost a year ago, when we were on our Highland Fling road trip.

On Friday, I finally finished it.
Moss stitch close up
It began life as a baby present, but its intended recipient is almost walking! So now it's a new dress for Mini-M's doll, Tiger. (Or Tiger Felicity Cheerio Ellis to give her full name, but thankfully although she chose it, Mini-M seems to be happy to abbreviate it most of the time.) For a little while, she was determined the doll would be called 'Sister' and I could foresee many embarrassing situations in public where I found myself saying things like... "Stop pushing Sister off the side of the buggy"and "Don't chew Sister's foot" etc.

The pattern I used was the Super Simple Baby Tunic by Rebecca Gunn Designs, and even for a moderately incompetent knitter like me, it was fairly easily achievable. I should explain that the reason it took a year is not that I knit at snail's pace, slogging away diligently every evening, but that I do a bit, forget about it for ages, come back to it, realise I have no idea where I was in the pattern, do a lot of counting, working it out, then it's time to go to bed. The next time I feel like knitting, I don't have internet access and can't find the scrap of paper I copied the pattern onto etc etc etc. It's a miracle it ever got finished at all.
Tiger modelling her new dress
And looking at the back of the dress, there's another reason it's only fit for Tiger - there are a few rather glaring mistakes, where I clearly didn't count properly! The thing I hate most about knitting is unpicking, so I have a bad habit of carrying on regardless. My next project has been cast on and is underway, and although I may surprise myself, I think there's a high chance that about this time next year, Tiger will be getting another wardrobe addition...