Looking back: Sweet Treats from our veg box

Sad times - today I had to cancel our veg box because someone local to our house stole half of the fruit and our eggs last week, and most likely our eggs the week before. Since they know when it gets delivered and where, it's fairly likely to keep happening, so we took the sad decision to cancel it. For the past 2.5yrs we've enjoyed a fantastic selection of organic vegetables and fruit, delivered direct to our door every week by East Coast Organics. If you're in/around Edinburgh and thinking veg-boxy thoughts then definitely recommend it!

It's certainly encouraged me to cook more creatively to use the ingredients we received each week, and has broadened my culinary horizons. So I thought I'd mark the occasion with a coupe of roundups - the first one tonight of sweet treats that I've made with the contents of our fruit (and sometimes veg!).

So here we go, in reverse chronological order...

Parsnip and Caraway Cake
Baby cuisine - more than just mashed bananas!

Pear and Marzipan Phyllo Crisp
Bramble Pear & Hazelnut Crumb Cake
Baby baked apples
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana No-Bake Cookies (aka Chocolate Hippy Biscuits)
Yeasted Banana Bread
Upside Down Pear and Chocolate Cake
Beetroot Poppyseed and Lime Muffins
Orange carrot jelly
Super Crumble
And finally...
Apple Nachos
I'll miss having to think up creative ways to use pears that never quite ripen! They started off as one of my least favourite fruit box items, but eventually became my favourite - because they cook fantastically, and pear crumble is delicious! 

And of course, all the recipes are dairy free.