A Picture A Day: Week 41

A day late, but here are last week's pictures. And I have to confess, I forgot one day! But that's OK - I had an extra one from the day after to fill in the gap. I'm actually quite surprised how few days I've slipped up on, given that on a daily basis I forget a whole bunch of often much more important things... like taking my lunch to work, remembering a bib to go with Mini-M's lunch, forgetting my work ID badge, walking halfway to nursery with a bag of dirty nappies hanging off the side of the buggy etc.

Anyway, enough of the personal confessions and back to the photos!

Saturday 8th October
My new baby - a purple cast iron casserole dish, thanks to a half price sale in Jenners!

Sunday 9th October
Mini-M having so much fun playing with glow sticks!

Monday 10th October
Me working on some modelling clay miniatures that will no doubt feature in a future post...

Tuesday 11th October
Mini-M showing an early preference for Polish lager... (and saying 'bark bark' to the dog!)

Wednesday 12th October
Looking VERY happy with her new coat and mittens. Not exactly colour co-ordinated, but with emergency jackets (bought because someone's silly Mum dropped their other coat in a huge muddy puddle, completely saturating it at the start of a long day out and about on a very chilly day) beggars can't be choosers!

Thursday 13th October
Extreme hat hair!

Friday 14th October
One of my favourite views in our house - from our bed - where I was blogging my Daring Cooks post last night.