A Picture A Day: Week 50

It's been a bit of a week of lurgy here, mainly for Mini-M who has been feeling very poorly, with a snotty nose, hacking cough, gunky eyes, temperatures, shivers - the works. She's been a very miserable little lady, but thankfully we seen to have turned a corner and she's on the mend, although still nowhere near 100%. Hopefully that's out winter dose of illness out of the way pre-Christmas!

My camera also died once and for all last Friday. My new one has in fact winged it's way from Germany already, thanks to Kodak and DHL, but as a result most of this week's photos were taken on phones, be it mine or Mr. E's.

So here they are...

Saturday 10th December
Today was Mr E's work Christmas do - which was monumental in that it was our first night away without Mini-M, since it was just outside St Andrews. Thankfully Mini-M, the babysitting grandparents, Mr E and myself all survived, and indeed enjoyed the weekend! This was my highlight though - my special dairy free dessert - layers of thin, light, crispy filo pastry layered with marinated strawberries, citrus marshmallows, and raspberry sherbert. It was absolutely delicious!

Sunday 11th December
Mini-M helping me unpack, as the lurgy began to kick in

Monday 12th December
The living room, 10 mins after a very discontented and agitated Mini-M got up from her nap

Tuesday 13th December
Bubbles at the MusicBugs Christmas session

Wednesday 14th December
Our mini indoor reindeer...

Thursday 15th December
Some moderately happy veg time on the sofa as an interlude from the coughing and crying :o(

Friday 16th December
This isn't a photo, but I make no apologies for that! It is 25 seconds that brightened up my day. Mr E and Mini-M filmed me a little message, and it popped up in my inbox during lunch. I hope it makes you smile too, whoever you are, and wherever you're reading this.