Recycled IKEA Catalogue Wall Art

Question... is it wrong to steal your child's toys to turn them into living room art?
Answer... probably, but it's too late now! Plus I only stole the boring ones.

Mini-M likes building blocks - mainly to eat. The blue ones taste particularly good. The plain wooden ones, apparently less so. So I commandeered some of them for my craft experimentation purposes.

I'm a big fan of paper - a secret given away by a) the huge pile of books beside my bed, and b) the even bigger stash of old magazines I can't bear to throw away that lurks in a variety of shelves and corners around the house. I particularly love the colours and textures of the pictures in magazines - be them adverts or articles. And the IKEA catalogue rates highly on my colours and textures scale.

As far as recycling goes, this is not up there as a big landfill diversion... it probably saved about ten pages of IKEA catalogue from being scrapped (and they'd have gone in the paper recycling anyway) BUT it did make me feel that my saving said IKEA catalogue for the past 6 months had a purpose!

So I decided to wrap the plain wooden blocks in bits of IKEA catalogue, then used some UHU Power Stick glue (kind of a cross between superglue and Pritt Stick) to stick them together into a grid. Lastly, I attached them to a bit of scrap cardboard and added a piece of string to hang them.

Et voila - free living room art :o)