Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Had a Very Wonky Nose

As you may have noticed, blog posts have been thin on the ground recently. Particularly since most other food bloggers are in a Christmassy frenzy as soon as Halloween is over, and posting rates shoot upwards. But not so here, as there are changes afoot chez Make-Cakey. Nothing too drastic, but I'm now back working full time. The pas month has been slightly chaotic and filled with festive activities like job interviews, presentation writing, worrying about job interviews etc!

Over and done with now thankfully, but blogging time has been and will continue to be in a lot shorter supply than previously! I'll do my best, but sporadic may be the best word to describe it for a while at least. That said, I'm hoping to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to get some back posts finished up, and maybe even write a few and schedule posting dates for later in the new Year, if I'm feeling really efficient.

Yesterday, we made cupcakes with Mini-M. She got to choose which additional ingredients were added to them, and from a wide and varied selection, shunned sprinkles, raisins (!), cherries, jam etc and chose instead prunes and small pieces of hazelnut brittle....

So we made them, and then Mr E and Mini-M got decorating, reindeer style!

They used red fondant for the noses, white for the eyes with raisins for the pupils and pretzels for the antlers.

And here's a close up of "Rudolph the Wonky Reindeer" who is all Mini-M's own handiwork.