Some recent dinners chez Makey-Cakey

Life is busy. Sometimes as a result food, and dinners in particular suffer and end up veering frequently into repeated pasta and tomato sauce territory. 

So I thought that deciding to record a week of meals might spur us into doing a little better.

It did: although I'm now feeling ashamed we had sausages twice in a week. Ah well - they may have shortened our lifespan significantly, but they tasted good. And now that I look at the photos again, we still had pasta twice...

So here we go:
Monday: Chili linguine with chard and pecan pesto and roasted tomatoes
Tuesday: Wurst (minus the curry) with pickled kimchi and salad
Tuna pasta. We did actually eat it from plates, not tupperware - this is the leftovers
Little sausages with baked wedges and sweetcorn
Beef, pineapple and green pepper stir fry with brown rice
Fish stew with bulghur and quinoa
Winter vegetable 'shepherds' pie
Hands down the favourite was the beef and pineapple stir fry - it will be on the menu again!