Something Sweet to Say Thank You

I't's Mini-M's last day at pre-school tomorrow. (Gulp!).

Since this is a a baking blog, I'll spare you the "how did she grow up so quickly, where has my baby gone?" routine - but I'm thinking it!

Technically she's not Mini any more, but I believe 'M' has already been taken…

I wanted to make something nice to say thank you to all of the lovely nursery staff that have made the past 4 years such fun and give her so many happy experiences and memories. Fudge is always a winner - it's easy to pass around, keeps well and virtually everyone likes it.

So I've made fudge. I should stress that I've made it - no small sticky fingers were involved in the process!

It's very delicious but simultaneously very easy fudge. It may revolutionise you're fudge making, in fact. No beating, no boiling sugar and only 4 ingredients. 3 if you can live without the marshmallows on the top to pretty it up…

Chocolate Strawberries and Cream Fudge (makes one 8x13 tray and cuts into a LOT of pieces)

Start with 400g chocolate (I used a mix of dark and milk)
Line your baking tin with parchment. You can cheat like me by scrunching up your baking paper then opening it up to make it fit - saves cutting!
You'll also need 200g of flavoured chocolate. I used Wedel strawberry bars (from the Polish section in the supermarket) but anything goes. I've also done it successfully with 4x Mars bars.
Roughly chop the strawberry chocolate. Chop up around 8 marshmallows for topping
Melt the chocolate in short bursts in the microwave, then when smooth, add all of 1 tin (397g) of condensed milk.
Oooh - pretty! Once it is combined, stir in the chopped chocolate
Tip out into the prepared tin, press into the corners then press the marshmallows into the top
Allow to cool at room temperature of a few hours, then turn out of the tin and chop
Voila. Pink cellophane fastened with tinsel - classy.
It really is that easy :-)

I'd like to say Mini-M chose the wrapping, just that she didn't - it just happened to be what I had to hand, although perhaps Mini-M is primarily the reason that we own a roll of pink cellophane…

Now I just have to confess to Mr E that I forgot to keep any pieces aside for him before I wrapped it - oops!

And if you have any thank-yous to say, I recommend accompanying them with fudge - it's a good life philosophy I think ;-)