Spread Your Wings…

A little while ago we were very kindly given a big bag of felt by a relative, and a soon as I saw the colours - greens, greys, browns and blues, I thought peacock wings.

After a bit of online research, I came across the tutorial for rainbow fabric stash wings at Llevo el invierno, and fell in love - they were so pretty, and I new they were the wings I was going to make - slightly less peacock like, but so simple and beautiful. The tutorial is fantastic - and even better, it really does only involve sewing in straight lines (or slightly curved, but no corners, turning inside out, seams etc). And if you use felt like I did, you don't even have to worry about it fraying.

Here's a few in progress photos. I used the same colours in the same order on each side, but you could also mix it up and make it completely random and rainbow like the original.

There was cutting (I gave myself scissor blisters!) 
Much pinning
Repeat, repeat, repeat
Possibly not the most ideal working surface!
Ready to be tried on - or so I thought, but then I realised I'd sewn the wrist tie on the wrong side!

And here's a few action shots...

Indoor wings
If it hadn't been for the Peppa Pig coat, this might have looked quite camouflaged
Practicing jumping off tree stumps 
She's off...

And finally, to the gifter of the felt - thank you so much. It will provide lots of fun for a lot of time to come.