Spring Surprise Ingredient Swap Roundup

I shall start this post with a slap on my own blogging knuckles - I'm two days later than I said I'd be at posting this, after realising at almost-bedtime that I'd forgotten, and deciding sleep was more important - two nights running.

But I'm writing it now, and that's the important thing!

Back in the gloomy days of February, I suggested a Spring Surprise Ingredient Swap. Due to some blogger commenting glitches, it almost didn't go ahead, however at the last minute, enough people jumped on board the Surprise Ingredient Swap bandwagon to get going :o)

The premise is fairly basic - swappers are paired up, make contact, discuss the practicalities of likes, dislikes and allergies then each purchase and post an ingredient to their swap partner. Once the swap parcels have arrived, the swappers then have to make something with their swap ingredients - simple!

So off we go...

I think the first swapper to post their creation was none other than Mr E who blogs at Hell Yeah Four Ingredient Recipes - where you've guessed it, all his recipes contain only four recipes. He made these Simnel Parcels full of gooey marzipan and dried fruit - his swap ingredients.

Next up chronologically was me: I made Spring Bling Yoghurt Cupcakes (soya yoghurt of course!) which were ably decorated by two mini kitchen helpers, using the edible glitter I was sent as my surprise ingredient. I love the toddler cake decorating philosophy - more is more, then add some more, and stick a candle on top, preferably more than one.

Next is Jean from Baking in Franglais who used the dried rhubarb and hazelnuts she had been sent to make this lovely moist looking Rhubarb Hazelnut and Honey Cake which I'm imagining would be absolutely perfect with a cuppa - I'm a sucker for anything rhubarby!

Dom from Belleau Kitchen then rustled these gorgeous and zingy Lime Sherbet and Rose Cupcakes with the rosewater which he was sent as his swap ingredient. They're at the opposite end of the cupcake sophistication spectrum from my offering, that's for sure!

There was a flurry of activity on the 11th April with two swap posts. Since trying to work out who posted first seems a) unnecessarily competitive, b) impossible and c) involve time differences, I'll go alphabetically...

Fiona at Let Them Eat Cake rustled up this delicious looking Honey Streusel Crumb Cake with the honey she was sent. Packed with nuts and spices along with the honey it's another one that would be fantastic with a cuppa, and apparently keeps well too, if it lasts that long!

Then Tamara at What's for Dessert? used the chestnut flour she was sent to make a decadent looking Chestnut Cheesecake - it's definitely a step up from the usual crushed digestive biscuit base, and I'm sure the chestnut flour added a fantastic nutty flavour.

Next up is Please Do Not Feed The Animals who was sent hazelnuts and cocoa nibs which were combined into some perfectly pretty Florentines (which tasted pretty perfect too!). What a fab cake stand too!

And I'm rounding up the round up with two entries from my family, who are awesome cooks, (and who I incidentally think would write awesome blogs - hint hint!).

Continuing the biscuity theme, Grandad A rustled up these Orange Oat and Sultana Cookies which got rave reviews and were polished off in record time!

And lastly, adding a savoury twist, Auntie L contended with an unexpected power cut and still managed to make these fab looking Bean Burgers with the Parsely, Chilli and Pumpkin Seeds she was sent. In fact, she's even written up the recipe, which I shall blog here on her behalf soon!

Thanks to everyone as always for joining in!