Spring Surprise!

The days are (admittedly slowly) starting to lengthen and it feels a little less like we're stuck in eternal darkness. If you're not living in Scotland, you may not have felt quite as much like this as those in the frozen north of the UK, but wherever you are, the first signs of spring are almost in the air. Whilst taking a walk during my lunch break during the week I saw a few hardy snowdrops had flowered, and I've got some seasonally confused rhubarb growing on our balcony!

What better time then, for a Spring surprise - in the form of another surprise ingredient swap?

Flour - useful but not cost efficient to post as a swap ingredient!
Note to self: - I need to fine a new 'ingredient' photo for next time, as I've used this one the past 3 swaps - and flour is boring!

Now before we get into the detail, I wanted to take this opportunity to include one last entrant to the Seasonal Surprise Ingredient Swap that I arranged before Christmas. (Here's the roundup in case you're not sure what I'm talking about!) At the closing date for the roundup, one of the participants was snowed under with revision, exams and all sorts of other educational distresses. But not to let such inconveniences stand between her and some cake creation, she baked a bit late, and here's the result:

Perfect for Halloween - Pumpkin Muffins!
Thank you Chloe! (and your swap partner Claire).

Since I'm feeling Springy (seasonal, rather than bouncing about crazily. In direct contrast I'm actually sitting in sofa-zombie mode after a busy day, busy week, and Mini-M's new assertion this week that 'morning time' happens at some point between 5:15am and 6:15am) I think a Spring theme is appropriate - it's also vague enough that you can pretty much make whatever you like, stick 'Spring' in the title, and it'll fit the bill!

Here's how it works...

  • You have from now until 28th February to register your interest - by commenting on this post, tweeting me @MakeyCakeyRuth, or emailing me ruthie.ellis AT gmail.com
  • On 1st March, I'll pair everyone up and let them know their swap partners. People can then get in touch to exchange addresses, discuss likes, dislikes, allergies, price limits etc
  • You then have until 15th March to send your swap ingredient winging its way to your swap partner and vice versa
  • Once you receive it, you've got until the 15th April to bake up something delicious and spring-y with it, and send me a link to your completed post (or email me a photo if you don't blog)
  • On the 16th April (or thereabouts) I'll post a roundup of all your sure-to-be-beautiful-and-mouthwatering offerings!
  • If you Twitter, then mention me (@MakeyCakeyRuth) and use the hashtag #surpriseingredient and I'll retweet all that I see :-)
You don't have to have a blog to join in - it's open to everyone that wants to get creative in the kitchen!

Now don't all rush at once...