Tonight I carved a melon…

A rock and roll Saturday evening chez Makey-Cakey tonight...

I carved a watermelon, as an alternative to a 2-day-late wedding anniversary card for Mr E. (Note - I did NOT forget it was our wedding anniversary, just that I had been lacking the time/inspiration to come up with something appropriate). Apparently in the UK, your 4th year wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with fruit. Or so Mr E said - if I find out that is total nonsense and he was playing to my very gullible side, then I shall have to revoke the watermelon. Anyway, I did think about grafitti-ing a banana to pass time on my train journey back from Birmingham earlier in the week but thought that would probably just make me look like a crazy to the person sitting next to me on the train.

So instead I carved a watermelon tonight and shared the tale here, making me seem like a crazy in blog-land instead. Clearly a better plan...

From time to time I also indulge my geeky side by checking my Google Analytics keywords, which lists what search terms people have used and ended up on Makey-Cakey. I also quite like the thought that by writing about some of the weirder ones here, it's a self fulfilling prophecy, because if anyone searches for the same weird combo again, this post will increase the chances of them ending up here! Hello confused internet users :o)

Onto the search terms:

  • "can I get dairy free donuts in Glasgow" - I have no idea! But I hope for the sake of the searcher than answer is yes. They like frying things in Glasgow. There's a good chance!
  • "Cheezly muffins" Don't do it!!! They are horrid. I have done it, take my word for it.
  • "fondant rowan berries tutorial" Surely you just roll up little balls of red fondant. There you go - tutorial done!
  • "fondant squirrel" Beyond my fondant modelling skills. Although fondant and squirrel as separate words probably do feature relatively often on this blog, never in the same sentence!
  • "fudge porridge" I've never made it, but it strikes me as something that would appeal to Mr E...
  • "how to make naked wedding cake" The mind boggles. How to make wedding cake whilst naked? Carefully. I am assuming the person actually meant un-iced, which is easy. Make a wedding cake. Don't ice it.
  • "I'm making a wedding cake in advance" That's nice, but you're not special - most people do! Perhaps whoever searched for this got Google confused with their diary?
  • "ideas to fill dead space in kitchen" Clearly asked by someone who doesn't cook very much, because everyone I know who does has absolutely zero dead space - it's all packed full of books, spices, pans, tins, etc etc
  • "imperfect wedding cakes" I'm slightly insulted by this - I think Google is poking fun at my cake decorating skills!
  • "marzipan before or after royal icing" BEFORE! ALWAYS! Although I would love to see the end result of someone attempting to put marzipan on after covering cake with jaggy hard set royal icing
  • "paving over front gardens" Nooooooooooo save the flowers and grass.
  • "romanian flag love heart" Honestly, I have no idea
  • "vanilla fudge pyjamas" another ?!?!!?!
  • "vegetable = pi" Mathematically untrue
  • "what quantity" that's a rather esoteric question to ask Google I can't help thinking. I'm going to go with 150g. A fairly useful quantity - not too much or too little
And with that, it's time for bed. (And to my Mum who will read this and wonder... no I've not been drinking!)