2012 Q1 - Things I’ve cooked and forgotten the recipes of

Going through my iPhoto tonight I discovered a fair few things that I've cooked so far this year, taken photos of, forgotten about, and subsequently have no idea what went into them, so they won't be getting blog posts of their own! Well, I know what went into them, just not the quantities - which is kind of the useful bit. Must get better at writing it down!
Hot-Smoked Trout Cobbler
Fruity Chickpea Blondies
Supernoodle Fritters
Cinnamon Shortbread
No-Knead Bread
Oops! Dropped Friendship Cake
Spinach and Banana Muffins 
Halloumi Phyllo Spring Rolls
Roasted Salmon Pasta
Spinach and Apple Pancakes
Nigella's Lazy Muesli Loaf
Garlic Bread Pizza Flower
Feta-Stuffed Pork Meatballs