Crash, Bang, Craft!

On Tuesday I was upstairs when suddenly I heard a big clatter. My immediate panic was that it was the start of our bookcase collapsing - we covered the end wall of our landing in shelving brackets and turned it into floor to ceiling bookcases. That would have been some paperback avalanche!

Thankfully it wasn't, so I set of downstairs to see what it was that had suddenly launched itself at the floor.

This is what greeted me at the bottom of the stairs - our pin board had jumped (of its own free will, I can only assume, since I was the only person in the house and nowhere near...) off the wall. Drawing pin confetti strewn far and wide! Once the immediate task of picking all of the debris up and making sure there weren't any left for Mini-M to discover with her bare feet was done, and all of the old notices taken down and 'filed (I can't lie, most of them went into the recycling!), I decided it was time for a bit of a notice board revamp.

First up, I taped the cork back into the frame, since it hadn't survived the plunge unscathed. Then I raided my ribbon stash and pinned bits at random angles across the board, giving us plenty of places to slide in notes home from nursery, takeaway menus, cake shop loyalty cards, receipts, repeat prescriptions, polling cards and anything else papery that doesn't have a home!

Hopefully there won't be a repeat performance!