2013’s Most Viewed Posts

So basically it seems that despite 400+ blog posts since starting in January 2009, there are only a handful that anyone is interested in - and that despite all my best efforts to make tasty, healthy, delicious and imaginative food, what people really like it…. drumroll please…. pretty cakes! No surprises there I don't suppose. Most of them were not 2013 recipes, but what the heck - I shall perpetuate their popularity a little further by posting them again here today.

So… pretty cakes it is (mainly). Maybe tomorrow I'll post another roundup, of my 10 personal favourites.

Starting off in 10th place with a mere 122 views this year is my Daring Bakers Hidden Veggies Roundup.

Next in 9th we have Savoury Cheese Flapjacks with 145 views.

In 8th place is a very cute and very delicious Golden Syrup and Chocolate Snow Dragon Cake, with 149 views.

In 7th place - a Chocolate Wedding Cake middle tier extravaganza with 155 views.

Moving on the 6th place, my final conquering of French Macarons earned me 188 post views.

Kicking off the top 5 are homemade Fondant Fancies - Mr Kipling eat your heart out! (217 views)

In 4th, with 238 views, the bottom tier of the same wedding cake as the 7th and 1st place tiers - this time a Lemon and Almond Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream Roses

Into the top 3, and in bronze medal position, with 298 views, The Anti-Cheesecake - a delicious dairy free cheesecake surprise.

Silver medal position, and second place with 308 views goes to the Biszkopt z Galaretka (or Polish Jelly Cake).

And finally in first place, yet another wedding cake tier, this time Fruitcake with Orange Marzipan, Royal Icing and Chocolate Roses - and 368 views.

In actual fact, by far and a way the most visited page is unsurprisingly my homepage with over 5.5k views, which is a little more respectable than the individual post totals - phew.

With that I shall bid you all farewell until 2014 - I hope there aren't too many sore heads tomorrow morning.