2015 Savoury Roundup

It's 2016. A new year, and a resolution to strike a better work life balance than 2015, part of which means I might hopefully manage a few more blog posts. We'll see!

I did cook stuff last year (although there were a lot of fish fingers on the menu too…). Some of it was quite nice - I love a good fish finger sandwich.

And with some sense of unrealistic optimism, I even took a few photos of things as I went along, which then languished on my SD card and cluttered up my DropBox, so in the name of a New Year clear out, here are those pictures - a visual smorgasbord of some of the non-fish-finger meals we ate last year.

Pasta with chard pesto
Refried bean french toast bake
Meatballs with roasted cauliflower "rice", dairy free "cheese" sauce and tomatoes
Dairy free moussaka
Spaghetti and sausage dairy free carbonara 
Scrambled chard and sausage on toast
Tuna and green pepper potato hash with poached egg
Mashed potato topped pie - no idea what was in it!
Penne with kale and turkey sausage
Christmas dinner pizza
Fennel, almonds, apple, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice….
Blitz! Quick and healthy pasta sauce ready to go
Carrot puree, egg, oats, spices - mix….
Carrot and seed koftas
Tomato soup
Lattice topped creamy dairy free chicken pot pie
So there you have it - we ate at least 16 meals which didn't feature spaghetti hoops or fish fingers...