2015 Sweet Roundup

Following on from the savoury roundup, and without further ado, here's a sweet 2015 retrospective - all dairy free as usual.

Cherry, chocolate and nut galette 
Strawberry scones - Hello Kitty shaped, of course
Pink porridge
Jam on the horizon
Polkadot cake
30x birthday party sushi-style snack packs

Homemade red wine!
One of may batches of pancakes. Probably with some oats and ground almonds chucked in for good measure
Pretzels from the bakery, decorated by Mini-M 
Norfolk hedgerow pudding
Pancake names (turns out you need to write them back to front for them to look good once they're cooked)
Gingerbread pancakes - did I mention we like pancakes?
Chocolate profiteroles with hazelnut filling
Eclairs with chocolate filling 
Fruity mango porridge
Marzipan, mincemeat and plum tart
Oreo and M&M cake with birthday bunting 
Chocolate cake with raspberries 
Glitzy peppermint creams
Rhubarb and custard cake (DF)
Plain fruit cake...
Fruitcake decorate in the way only a 5 year old can
Chocolate brownie 
Birthday cake
Chocolate cherry cupcakes
Pink grapefruit drizzle cake 
Apple and seed breakfast bites 
Chocolate coconut fudge 
Chocolate mug cake