28 Things…

Whilst keeping up to date with my blog reading list last night, I read a lovely post by luvinthemommyhood with a snapshot of what she was thinking/dreaming/making/cooking/yearning yesterday. And as she suggested, I thought I'd give it a go and share a snapshot of a slightly rainy Thursday morning in Edinburgh. So today I am sharing my 28 pieces of slightly self-indulgent trivia! But first, my current favourite photo, taken on Sunday evening at Cockenzie harbour.

Making: woven scrap fabric bowls on a hula-hoop "loom"
Cooking: something to use up the jerusalem artichokes left over from last week's veg box, although I've not yet found recipe inspiration
Drinking: apple squash
Reading: this month's 'Lonely Planet' magazine
Wanting: another hour or so of sleep, as usual!
Looking: at the carnage Mini-M and I have created in the living room, and it's only 10am
Playing: Kate Rusby on my iTunes
Wasting: time and energy getting angry at things I can't change
Sewing: a cross-stitch that I started about 5 years ago
Wishing: there were more hours in the day
Enjoying: watching Mini-M learn new things every day
Waiting: for my bargain eBay Hippy Chick baby seat to arrive in the post so I can carry Mini-M around the house without wrecking my back any more
Liking: that my second post got accepted for Foodgawker yesterday, and I've had almost two hundred site visits since then :o)
Wondering: if the childcare arrangements will work out when I go back to work in a week and a half...
Loving: the lighter evenings now that the clocks have changed
Hoping: that Mini-M decides to behave on the epic bus trek to Balerno we have to do later today, and doesn't scream every time the bus stops.
Marvelling: that I have an almost-9-month-old baby. Seems only a few weeks ago she was born!
Needing: life to calm down just a little bit - the current level of craziness is probably not sustainable in the long term.
Smelling: my shampoo after my shower this morning
Wearing: grotty jeans and a jumper that are covered in all manner of baby yuck
Following: I Love Charts - it makes me smile every day
Noticing: that the leaves are starting to open on the cherry trees outside our house
Knowing: that very few folk will actually read this!
Thinking: that it's suddenly very cold again today - or maybe that's just me!
Bookmarking: lots of lovely recipes with cheese or chocolate or cream in them that I will make when I am allowed to eat dairy again
Opening: my front door in a minute to go take in this week's veg box
Giggling: over Mini-M blowing raspberries at every opportunity
Feeling: that all things considered, life's pretty good at the moment