Another instalment of Recipe-less wonders

I'm on holiday today - woop woop! I'm starting it off by dying my hair which has been overdue for about a month and is so grey that Mini-M asked me in a very confused way the other day "But what colour actually is your hair Mummy?" Which is probably a fair question since it has mainly grey roots with the last bastion of natural very dark brown still hanging on, and dyed but wearing out and starting to go slightly auburn brown ends. Not high in the glamour stakes - more mangy mongrel than yummy mummy!

So, hair dye is on, and I'm trying very hard to make sure it doesn't drip on the laptop whilst I wait the obligatory 30 mins…

Continuing my crusade on my backlog of blog posts, here are some that I know are recipe-less, but nevertheless looked pretty tasty, so I snapped them anyway.

Sparkly banana loaf
Apple & cranberry loaf 
Eggs fried in bagel holes
Mulled wine trifle - prior to getting its whipped coconut cream topping 
Asparagus egg rolls with dipping sauce
Sweet potato, spinach and peanut stew
Beetroot barley risotto 
Celeriac and carrot soup (I think!)
Chard pesto
Gluten free, dairy free, vegan spiced apricot and chocolate cake
Chicken and cherry cola curry
Buckwheat, banana and pear cake 
Chocolate avocado brownie
Crispy potato topped chicken chilli pie
Cupcakes. With something in them - possibly blueberries?
The makings of raspberry chia seed jam
Cauliflower fritters before frying 
Very chocolatey brownie 
Haggis bobotie
Cupcakes filled with mincemeat
Quinoa with tofu and kale kimchi

Gluten & dairy free marmalade crumble slice 
Filo pastry chicken, vegetable and houmus pies
Baby corn cornbread muffins 
Chicken, pepper and tahini stew 
Scones of some variety! 
Chunky beef broth
Spicy potato crackers 
Hummingbird cake cupcakes 
Apricot, coconut and cashew truffles
Coffe and chocolate rock buns
Peaches on french toast
Pear & chocolate strudel
Pretty apple pies
Savoury scones made with dripping rather than butter
If some of these have already been posted in a previous roundup, then apologies! They were still in my to-be-blogged folder, but rest assured they will now be deleted - phew! Job done :o)