Baby Workwear!

For once this is a makey rather than a cakey post. Believe it or not, I do make quite a lot of stuff - most often, my husband will probably vouch for, I make a mess. But sometimes, just sometimes, it is a creative mess! In fact I am taking part in the 2011 Thing-A-Day challenge. In its own words, it is "The yearly creative sprint" where participants are challenged to do something creative every day for the whole of February, and the results are posted on a communal blog. I'm going to be making kirigami hearts (cut and folded paper) which should be manageable whilst the M-ster naps. Once I've finished I'll pop all the pictures up here - maybe even in a slideshow, if I can get that technical.

Anyways, back to the matter in hand. Way way back in Spring last year, when Mini-M was still a Mini-bump some friends and I got together along with some fabric pens, and a multi-pack of white baby vests to create some customised clothing for the imminent arrival. Much fun was had, and because she was such a teeny baby when she arrived, they still fit! Score. Whilst I was changing her the other day, I thought I'd snap a couple of pics of the one I decorated.

In case you're questioning the weird design for a baby girl a) we thought she was a boy, and b) I'm an engineer, and a couple of the patterns we did were sort of engineer-y. This one would obviously be for client meeting days....

Please ignore the grungy looking carpet... we will hire a vax one of these years!

Proudly showing off the fact that she has no teeth, but ridiculously long eyelashes!