Back in Blog-Land after a Highland Fling

I'm back, after a fantastic if very chilly three weeks touring round the North of Scotland with Mr E and Mini-M.

I have to confess, we had a lot more indoor nights than planned, but then again when we masterminded our camping trip, we weren't envisaging snow, ice on the inside of the tent and the majority of days hovering around the 5C or cooler mark - in May! Even for Scotland that's uncharacteristically cold.

I've got a lot of blogging to catch up with - things I made before we even went on holiday, plus a couple from our travels, but I'll start off with a quick post with some of the cooking arrangements...

Trangia stove at Dunnet Bay
Mr E mans the BBQ on Dunnet Sands 
Tongue Youth Hostel - a very scenic kitchen. The best dish washing view I've ever seen

A tiny Eriba caravan on the shores of Little Loch Broom where we sheltered from the hail
A BBQ which it was too wet to light, plus a trangia and micro mug stove at Cambusdarrach
All things considered we ate well! Post about some of what we ate to follow over the next few days...