Breakfast Club 17: Banana Bready Bread

Now that I'm officially on holiday, I am catching up on a blogging backlog, still in my PJs whilst Mini-M is having a morning nap. Of course, she will probably decide it is time to wake up in about three minutes, before I get anywhere close to the end of this post, let alone onto the next, and I'm now wasting time writing rubbish that could be recipe words - I'll never learn! Onwards...

The December Breakfast Club challenge theme was Bread, and was hosted by Krithi's Kitchen. We were challenged to either make bread for breakfast, or use bread in a breakfast dish. I went for the former.

This challenge coincided with a surfeit of bananas. Our veg box banana allocation is usually reserved for Mini-M who is a banana fiend, however she was on a bit of a food strike a few weeks ago, so suddenly there were three rather sad bananas in the fruit dish.

In my epic 'Recipes' bookmarks folder, I had this one from for Yeasted Banana Bread. It's for proper bready bread, with yeast, rather than banana cakey bread, with bicarbonate of soda or SR flour.

For once, I didn't have to de-dairy it, which meant it went into the oven without the familiar will it / wont it work feeling. Of course it did!

And for once my substitution list was low - so I'm not going to post the recipe, just direct you to the original. Where it called for 'non dairy milk' I used oat milk, and instead of canola oil I used sunflower, but that was it. No weirdness!

The recipe is easy to make, and quick, in that there isn't much measuring, mixing or kneading involved, BUT slooooooow in that there is a lot of rising time. Not a good 'bread in a hurry' recipe, but a very good 'delicious warm bread without very much effort' recipe.

It was sweet and banana-y but not too sweet - just right for breakfast. It toasted well, and got top marks from both me and Mr E. I don't think any of it even made it into Mini-M's mouth, but it throws very well,  particularly the crusts, which can easily clear the length of the living room.

I have to apologise also for the shocking photographs - this was made during the brief no-camera spell, when my old one gave up the ghost once and for all, and my new one hadn't arrived.