Breakfast Club March 2012 Roundup

Well it gives me great pleasure to be able to post the deliciously dairy free recipe roundup, cooked up by talented and adventurous Breakfast Club participants all around the world.

Thanks go to everyone for taking part, and embracing the challenge - I'm sure next month everyone will breathe a sigh of relief to be allowed back to their milk, cheese and most probably butter!

So without further ado...

I kicked things off to get the ball rolling with some Counting Calcium Granola Bars, packed with added ingredients to give a dairy free calcium boost.

Next up was Janet at the Taste Space with the truly awesome sounding Banana Peanut Butter Chia Super Pancake - which was promptly added to my bookmarks list to try out sometime soon!

We were treated to Tomato Blues lovely fluffy looking Idlies and Chutney which look like little pillows of breakfast goodness.

Then we have these lovely looking Green Gram Crepes (or Pesarattu) from cacography giving us another spicy start to the day to help wake up tired tastebuds!

Over to the lovely Breakfast Club founder and coordinator, Helen at Fuss Free Flavours who baked up a fantastic Root Vegetable Bread. It was apparently lovely toasted, and since butter is off the menu, I'm imagining it warm with honey - yum!

Followed by UK Rasoi with some delicious looking Brown Rice Idli. I love the nutty flavour of brown rice, and these look beautiful.

Chez Cayenne whipped up these awesome White Bean Waffles - who'd have thought that hiding inside was so much navy bean goodness! (And of course maple syrup...)

Vegan Blueberry Muffins were the order of the day at Foodie Mom Cooks - can't you just imagine the little bursts of blueberry zing in each mouthful - plus they're super foods - even better.

Next, Chef Al Dente made some decadent looking Eggless Chocolate Pancakes, which if you went with soya milk and yogurt would not only be dairy free but vegan too - great job!

Another blogger to go the whole vegan hog was Tales of Pigling Bland who employed some culinary genius to invent this Banana Bran Breakfast Bake (with extra points for alliteration!). Another one that's gone on my 'must try sometime' list.

Healthy Kitschy Vegan made some nutrient packed and delicious looking Creamy Breakfast Curry, using non-dairy coconut yogurt to make it 'creamy'. Great job, and I bet this would taste just as good for lunch or tea too.

Healthy Kitschy Vegan turned their attention to a sweet breakfast next, with Pumpkin Cream Pie Oat Bran - with the coconut yogurt on top, it almost looks like dessert!

Breakfast on the go was catered for by Turquoise Lemons who baked some amazing looking Honey Breakfast Bars - sticky, chewy and crunchy all at once but still packing a healthy punch too. Breakfast win!

Home Mantra posted some Homemade Granola Bars packed with walnuts, coconut, dates and apricots which work with dairy free margarine as well as butter.

UK Rasoi came up with another delicious looking breakfast which would certainly make a change from toast or cereal! Sarva Pindi or Rice Flour Flatbreads are full of spices, nuts and seeds and fried until crispy.

Oh Taste n See rustled up some Cranberry Peanut Oatmeal Bars. I'm sold on any recipe that contains half a cup of peanut butter - it can only taste good! Another great on the go breakfast idea.

Then Green Gourmet Giraffe got in the dairy free spirit with some Spiced Carrot Pancakes - carrot cake in pancake form - what a fantastic idea! Another one bookmarked, as a certain toddler in our house is a bit of  a pancake aficionado.

Hobby and More gave things a nutty twist with this vegan Banana Oat Cashew Quick Bread Bar, as well as providing some helpful tips on how to make it gluten free too. It looks like it has a crisp outside and tender inside, making it lovely breakfast treat that you don't have to feel too guilty about.

And last but very much not least, Sharky Oven Gloves took the plunge, abandoned the beloved butter and made fabulously fruity sounding Mango Banana Bread which is not only dairy free, studded with chunks of sweet sticky mango, and with a crunchy banana chip and sugar topping, but is vegan into the bargain!

Thanks to everyone that participated  -  particularly those that pushed their culinary boundaries and cooked out of their usual comfort zone by ditching the dairy - now you know it's less scary than it first sounds!

Keep an eye on the Breakfast Club page to find out what April's challenge is...