Chocolate Olive Oil Torte

The lengths I will go to for a chocolatey, cakey hit are reasonably extreme, it turns out, and well into the realms of experimental baking! Most bought dairy free cakes I have so far discovered are also wheat, gluten and egg free, and therefore I'm not quite sure what they actually are made of and their ingredients lists scare me...
I'm quite happy with regular flour, eggs etc, it's just the milk, butter, cream and cheese I am bodyswerving. The good news is that grumpy baby is a bit less grumpy, but the jury's still out as to whether my no dairy diet is helping. Sticking with it for another couple of weeks at least tho.
So the long and the short of it is I'd kind of rather make stuff that is designed not to have dairy in it, rather than corrupt things that should. Hence great excitement on my part when I discovered a Green & Black's recipe for a chocolate and olive oil torte. With only 4 ingredients! Dark chocolate, eggs, sugar and olive oil. I now have to confess I can't share the recipe or quantities, because I sneakily made it from a book I'm giving as a Christmas present which is now wrapped - the shame!!! But it was really easy, and very tasty. Sadly the photos are awful and don't do it any justice - you have been warned - view at your peril! ;o)

It souffle-d up like crazy - twice the height of the tin
And then sank spectacularly just like the recipe said it would
Somehow it was dense and light at the same time

The flavour of the olive oil didn't overpower at all, and despite the darkness of the chocolate (85%) and the small amount of sugar, it wasn't bitter either - just deliciously squidgy and chocolatey. I definitely recommend making it, if you can track down a recipe!