I’m back!

So... it has been a shockingly long time since I posted anything. Since November. Which is over 4 months ago. And coincided with the time I started to really struggle with my morning sickness. Unfortunately I'm still struggling, at 5 months pregnant, but I'm getting better at living with it. But life has been fun-ner. It's still very exciting tho, and starting to feel a bit more upbeat and optimistic about things. I've had two baby-related craft project on the got, and the first one is finished. The second may be quite some time, so I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it, but if/when it is finished I'll pop it up here too.
The forthcoming arrival of the sprog in August has prompted a bit of a knitting frenzy amongst relatives on all sides, and I thought I'd join in. I'm not an amazing knitter, so any knitting projects I take on have to satisfy certain caveats... they have to be simple... they have to be quick... and they have to either be chunky or loopy (if that makes any sense) - mainly in order to achieve the 'quick' criteria. And so I chose this knitted cocoon , using the Laurel Love pattern which I can confirm meets all of my knitting criteria.
Accidentally on purpose, I added a row of purl around the top, giving it a more defined edge, whilst I got to grips with the circular knitting. And I chose a more even coloured and textured wool - mainly because I found an irresistibly fuzzy and warm feeling merino/cashmere mix and couldn't resist. I now want one in adult size!
So I know that it mainly just looks a bit like a elongated hat at the moment, but if you check out the link to the original patter, you will see it in action, and it looks a whole lot cuter with a baby in it! 4 months and all being well, I'll be able to post an update of it in action :o)