Mini-M’s Snapshot Week 1

Mini-M is in charge of the photo cataloguing this year. She's got our old camera, and we're aiming for 1 picture for each week.

So… week 1. She directed the staging of this shot, then clicked the shutter - it specifically contains 3 things:
  1. Her new cuddly toy - and don't make the mistake of calling it a deer - it is most definitely a fawn (she'll correct you)
  2. The new lamp we bought in IKEA to make mealtimes less dingy. She is disproportionately excited by it.
  3. Mr E's injured finger - week 1 and we've clocked up 2014s first trip to A&E already. I'll not shame him by explaining the specifics, but let's just say not many people could manage to cut themselves on their deodorant!