Mini-M’s Snapshot Week 6

We're only a few weeks in to 2014, and already I think we're a bit confused with the weeks / dates. Oops. To be honest, I've no idea how it's the middle of February - I'm sure there must have been a time portal that skipped from about 8th Jan to 8th Feb! So, I think we're onto Week 6 of Mini-M's photos.
We went to see the light installation that is currently in St Andrew's Square - it's a whole field of coloured light wands that phase through different colours. She was very excited. We loved it but wished it have been about 20 degrees warmer and we could have sat about all evening with a glass of wine enjoying it and oohing and aahing over the pretty colours. Instead we shivered around whilst wrapped up with hats, scarfs, gloves and only managed 2 constantly moving circuits before we thought we were going to get hypothermia.