Ninja-bread men!

I have to start this post with a shocking confession...
Almost a year ago, the lovely Miss M gave me some very funky biscuit cutters. For the first couple of months, they sat on the kitchen counter and made me smile when I saw them.
Then I tidied them up into my baking cupboard, and (here's the confession) promptly forgot about them for almost another nine months.
Unearthing them again last week filled me both with excitement and guilt! So before they could be tidied away again, I decided it was very much time to bake some ninja-bread men.

I just used a regular, bog standard gingerbread recipe, which due to an unfortunate discovery mid way through (I discovered I had no syrup, and almost no treacle) was fairly heavily substituted with date syrup, which changed the texture a bit. It tasted great, but mode the ninjas look slightly like they have a skin condition!

They are definitely more exciting than regular gingerbread men!