No Croutons Required: Festive Photos

No Croutons Required is usually a monthly vegetarian soup or salad challenge, but for December hosted by Jacqueline at Tinned Tomatoes we've been asked to share a festive photo instead in a No Croutons Christmas tradition.

Here's mine

It was taken on Hogmanay 2009, about a mile or so behind my parents house in Hawick.
I was about 10 weeks pregnant and had awful morning sickness. I'd spend virtually all of the Christmas holiday curled up in a chair feeling miserable, trying and failing to keep down dry toast and generally being a scrooge.
On the 31st December Mr E eventually cajoled me into going for a walk, and we made it about a mile to where this picture was taken. I'm pretty sure he also cajoled me into taking it - I think I was participating in the walk in body only, and moaning about it all the way, but looking at the photos I took afterwards, I'm glad I went - it was a stunning day!