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17th April

A lunchtime wander to look at the demolition on some of the older Heriot watt university halls of residence. They are being pulled down fairly quickly and dr...

16th April

Sunshine in Leith - an some big boats in at the docks popping up above the buildings. If you look closely you can probably see some stray wheelie bins too - ...

15th April

Recycling - finally sorted through the contents if my desk from changing job back in January!

14th April

Today there was sunshine! (And rain but we're glossing over that). So today's photo was taken in proper daylight - a rarity so far this year. Mini-M is fasci...

13th April

Team pudding making - Mini-M was chief apricot chopper which she did whilst telling us about all the other things she had chopped and nursery to make fruit s...

12th April

Lining up the in-shower bath flute orchestra...

11th April

Mini-M doing some puzzles - or at least trying to write 'M's in all the boxes. Think kakuro will be beyond her for a good while yet!

10th April

Kev and Jono’s Leith Pale Ale - a homebrewing success story! <div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> </div>

9th April

Took the photo yesterday - entirely forgot to post it. Oops. Lemon and coconut ice cream defrosting very slowly and testing my patience!