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8th April

An uninspiring 'Oh dear I'm already in bed' photo today. I blogged. That and spent near on 12hrs working! Now it's bedtime...

Spring Bling!

It’s time to write up my Spring Surprise Ingredient Swap entry post - a whole week before my self imposed posting deadline - phew! As the swap instigator, it...

7th April

Wedding stickering enthusiasm ( imagine the monkey noises to accompany the sticker!). A lovely day all round. Mini-M M bravely tried and discovered she likes...

Baked Plums with Nakd Ginger Crumble

Time for another recipe featuring one of the Natural Balance Nakd bar varieties I was sent to try.This time I oped for the Gingerbread bar. It is amazing as ...

6th April

Brunch (aka toddler lunch) at uncle P’s - sausage butties all round :-) we gained a toddler for the morning whilst the newest member of Team H put in an appe...

5th April

White chocolate buttercream roses - wedding cake tier 3 finished - and by 9:45pm so no late night cake decorating required - phew!

4th April

A quality freebie with the CBeebies magazine! Good purchase by Mr E!<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> </div>

3rd April

Sooking the SoyWhip out of a brandy snap!

2nd April

One wedding cake tier marzipanned and one collage by Mini-M. Time for bed!

1st April

No April Fools pictures - just some little roasted plums and yoghurt that we had for pudding.