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Apple and Rhubarb Crumble, Nakd Style

It may be almost April, but it’s most definitely still winter outside - although by all intents, we’ve so far got off very lightly in Edinburgh, with very li...

24th March

Snow at Fountains Abbey - picturesque but very cold! We managed to convince ourselves that tramping about in the snow most definitely burned off the cooked b...

23rd March

Catching up in our B & B in Northallerton - a bottle of wine, snacks, an extra duvet and a giant TV to watch Grand Designs on - the new 'going out'!

22nd March

This is what happens when I'm left unsupervised for an evening - I seem to have accidentally dyed my hair purple!

21st March

Mini-M feeling a little bit poorly and having snuggly stories with Mr E.

20th March

Post dinner stickering - tonight it seemed to be Dress the Gaucho. In the end Mini-M decided the horse might have cold legs and so it ended up wearing trouse...

Random Recipes: Tangerines and Tea!

It’s time to blog March’s Random Recipes challenge. The event as always is hosted at Belleau Kitchen, and the theme this month was Cuttings, Memories and Cli...

19th March

Geeky blogger excitement - I got sent some samples to review - well not strictly review since I already know they are awesome - but to do some creative bakin...

18th March

A little bedtime reading!

17th March

Our best rounds ever for the Mummy School pub quiz team!