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31st March

Easter Sunday has been a busy day starting with brunch with friends at Teuchters Landing (bacon buttie for me, bacon and haggis buttie for Mr E and porridge ...

30th March

Engrossed in the lobby library.

29th March

Oops! I took so many photos yesterday they ended up getting a whole blog post to themselves - and I forgot to post any here... So here's yesterday's picture ...

A day in the life…

I was going to write a post about marbling Easter Eggs since it was one of today’s many activities. However although it was a lot of fun, we didn’t quite get...

28th March

Mini-M turning on her new lamp. This photo took about 10 attempts because each time I clicked, she turned the light off. But we got there eventually!

27th March

Not that this photo illustrates it very well... But it's snowing again!

26th March

Oh dear - the clothes tree is getting precarious... I see some Easter weekend tidying on the horizon!

25th March

A photo of shame tonight - I skipped zumba-ing and swapped it for sitting knitting on the sofa wrapped up in a tartan picnic rug like an old person! The thou...