A Picture A Day: Week 10

Keeping the preamble to a minimum today as lack of sleep means it's likely to be garbage! 4 feeds during the night for Mini-M last night. It had better just be a passing growth spurt!

Saturday 5th March
Jono. And Mini-M. Wearing giant sunglasses. In her pjs and sleeping bag.

Sunday 6th March
A very chilly buggy push around Arthur's Seat with Auntie L.

Monday 7th March
Mini pasta stars for Mini-M

Tuesday 8th March
The magical dairy free formula that makes going back to work a lot less of a worry!

Wednesday 9th March
I had a night out!!!! To take part in a Scottish Chamber Orchestra discussion group about classical music concerts for babies. Kept thinking I'd accidentally left Mini-M somewhere!

Thursday 10th March
Chewing celery - a current favourite activity.

Friday 11th March
Mini-M writing a birthday email to Uncle P.