A Picture A Day: Week 11

A bit late on the picture posting this week, due to illness, general chaos, and heading home to visit the parentals on Friday without my laptop. So here is last week's offering, a couple of days late...

Saturday 12th March
The weekend saw a visit from the lovely Miss Morrison - seen here cutting a very belated birthday cake!

Sunday 13th March
Mini-M chewing her new 'Enormous Crocodile' toy, a present from Mr Fox which has quickly shot to the top the favourite toy list. Very chewable. And wrestlable (which is clearly not a word!). And excellent for waving about.

Monday 14th March
Monday evening was spent writing up BEG meeting minutes - fun fun fun!

Tuesday 15th March
Not taken by me, but for me, and of me!!! The biggest piece of cake in the world! Dairy free chocolate and courgette cakey goodness :o) from the lovely Mimi's Bakehouse. And still Mini-M looks unimpressed...

Wednesday 16th March
Mini-M sleeping - in her car seat instead of her cot, but asleep at least.

Thursday 17th March
Sunset over Edinburgh taken from Regent Road

Friday 18th March
Mini-M wearing sock-gloves and sleeping - in my bed instead of her cot - rounding off a week of sleep fails.