A Picture A Day: Week 17

Another busy week, with lots of lovely sunshine and bank holidays! So far I've been back at work for 3 weeks, and 2 of them have had Friday bank holidays, so have been 2 days weeks - which has made meeting deadlines harder, but on the plus side meant more family time at home with all three of us. As I'm writing this, the sun is still shining - hopefully this isn't all of our summer allocation being used up in April!

Saturday 23rd April
There's a temporary funfair at Ocean Terminal for a week or so - this is the big wheel as the sun was starting to set

Sunday 24th April
We had an Easter Sunday walk along the beach at Aberdour, and Mini-M had a strawberry picnic. And yes, I am still awful at taking pictures with all 3 of us in!

Monday 25th April
Lunch at Ocean Terminal with the lovely Auntie L

Tuesday 26th April

Wednesday 27th April
A sign saying "Dan Lives" on a small island in the Water of Leith at Warriston. I have no idea why - but it seemed bizarrely worthy of a picture.

Thursday 28th April
Horse Chestnuts in flower on the Water of Leith walkway on our way home from Mini-M's nursery parents evening.

Friday 29th April
Today was the royal wedding. Folk were glued to their TVs and attending street parties nationwide. Instead, we were cleaning out the Borders Exploration Group equipment store. Just that I forgot to take any pictures - so this is of a shelf in the kitchen!!!!