A Picture A Day: Week 19

Very late posting this week! Last week was a very fun wedding cake making and decorating marathon, which meant not much time for blogging, followed by going to said wedding this weekend, followed swiftly by the Borders Exploration Group Cuba 2012 selection day. All in all a hectic but pretty amazing weekend, photos of which will of course appear in next week's post!

So without further ado, here are last week's pictures...

Saturday 7th May
Kelso Abbey in the twilight, after the Borders Exploration Group Ukraine 2011 silent auction

Sunday 8th May
Pinny on in the middle of the cake baking. Think I was probably finished the chocolate cakes, and onto the lemons at this point.

Monday 9th May
Mini-M zonked out after the excitement of the health visitor coming round for a progress check

Tuesday 10th May
Another 'Oh dear, it's half past 11, and I want to go to bed, but haven't taken any pictures days' - so this is some magnetic newspaper letters on our freezer

Wednesday 11th May
Mini-M chewing her t-shirt after her bath

Thursday 12th May
Chocolate tier almost completed - just the chocolate scrolls to attach round the sides at this point

Friday 13th May
Mini-M is currently fascinated by noses - primarily by trying to remove them - as demonstrated here!