A Picture A Day: Week 21

It's a double blog posting night tonight, since it's both Friday, so time for the weekly photo roundup, and the 27th, which is Daring Bakers day. Since I've just written quite a lot about cake for that, I'll keep the word count on this one down a bit!

Saturday 21st May
Snails. Lots of them. On a garden fence in Heriothill Terrace.

Sunday 22nd May
The view from the St James Centre NCP carpark. It is quite possibly the worst designed multistorey EVER - expensive, no lifts, and nowhere to turn, but quite scenic, so that's all OK then...

Monday 23rd May
Monkey took a trip through the washing machine

Tuesday 24th May
Mini-M still hasn't mastered crawling - but she has her tongue out in concentration!

Wednesday 25th May
Galeforce winds at the start of the week took some of the roof off of the central stairwell, and uprooted this tree on our street.

Thursday 26th May
Site visit outside Selkirk today - and it even stayed dry! This is the view from about halfway up the 3 Brethren, looking down the valley towards Selkirk.

Friday 27th May
Mini-M was very co-operative and did a lovely job of modelling the BEG 20th Anniversary buff - until she realised she could remove it herself!