A Picture A Day: Week 25

This week's photos - not much preamble, since it's 23:12 on Friday night, and I'm sleepy!

Saturday 18th June
Mini-M's current favourite activity is unpacking the bookcase (and eating paper, but we'll not dwell on that). A librarian in the making?

Sunday 19th June
Chewing my work badge in John Lewis cafe - sitting on a proper chair :o)

Monday 20th June
Epic biscuit stash in preparation for some tray-baking action

Tuesday 21st June
Mr E & Mini-M wearing the same jumper. Lots of laughing and tickling and wriggling involved (for both of them)

Wednesday 22nd June
Apparently it's good luck to get poo-ed on by a bird. I reckon the lucky thing was that the rain cover was one!

Thursday 23rd June
The book I'm currently reading - which is actually quite upsetting - so far there have been abductions, graphic descriptions of surgical procedures, and baby-eating. I'm sticking with it in the hope that it turns out better than it is looking like it will... since there's still over half to go...

Friday 24th June
Watching the Red Arrows display over Leith docks. Mini-M ignoring the action and watching the crowd.