A Picture A Day: Week 31

A day late, as usual, here are my photos for this week.

Saturday 30th July
Mini-M's chubby little toes in the sand for the first time at Portobello beach.

Sunday 31st July
A butterfly shaped strawberry we found berry picking at Whitmuir Farm near West Linton

Monday 1st August
A late night puzzle session whilst waiting for jam to boil and reach setting point. Note to self for future reference: don't start making jam at 10pm unless you want to stay up until midnight!

Tuesday 2nd August
Carrots, beetroot and radishes about to be turned into pink pickles.

Wednesday 3rd August
This is apparently called a lucet - a device for making knotted cord (or wool, in this case) and a birthday present to me from Mr E

Thursday 4th August
Dairy free cheese. After a dietician trip today, Mini-M is still dairy free for at least another 3 months.

Friday 5th August
Mini-M is currently fascinated by the washing machine - a happy 15 mins was spent posting the shoe polish tub and a dirty bib that was waiting for the next load in, and out, and in, and out, and in, and out etc etc etc etc