A picture A Day: Week 33

A day late, but that is becoming the norm... here are last week's pictures!

Saturday 13th August
Not sure this is one of the serving suggestions on the Dairy Free Cheese Sauce tub. (Yes, such a thing does exist, and tastes not quite as bad as the title suggests)

Sunday 14th August
Epic spider outside our front door

Monday 15th August
Marauding and shouting!

Tuesday 16th August
Mini-M making a "I'm slightly unconvinced by prawn toast" face. Apparently it throws pretty well too.

Wednesday 17th August
Rain from the bus on the way home from work

Thursday 18th August
I see some banana loaf in the near future...

Friday 19th August
Tiger print crepe paper wrapping Mr E's birthday present, which led me to ponder what exactly is the point of crepe paper? It is clearly useless as wrapping paper, because sellotape doesn't stick to it... about 2 mins after taking this picture, the present self-unwrapped!