A Picture A Day: Week 40

Late again this week - a horrible migraine kept me away from the computer for a couple of days.
But I'm fixed now, and catching up, so here are last week's pictures...

Saturday 1st October
Oops - too busy taking pictures of biscuits for this post about Mini-M's first 14 months in numbers that I forgot to take any other pictures. So 121.5 will have to be recycled here! It is the number of hours of 'bedtime music' that we have listened to via the trusty monitor!

Sunday 2nd October
A lovely Sunday morning spent playing some recorder trios with the siblings - Mini-M was getting into it (well stealing the music at least!!!)

Monday 3rd October

Tuesday 4th October
Old trade signs remaining on a doorway on Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

Wednesday 5th October
Mr E polished my shoes for me!

Thursday 6th October
Mini-M in stealth mode, playing with a blue LED balloon. She was fascinated.

Friday 7th October
Migraine day 2 :o( Paracetamol didn't do a great job of helping unfortunately!