A Picture A Day: Week 49

I can't quite believe how quickly this week has zoomed past, and indeed the whole second half of this year. In fact, I'm sure it's actually only mid-August. Mini-M's 1st birthday seems only a coupe of weeks ago, but she's now almost 17 months old, and what a happy, chatty, kamikaze mountaineering little lady she is turning into! During yesterday's stormy weather, we did some unofficial scientific testing, and concluded she now has a vocabulary of about 50 words or sounds, and understands a whole lot more. New additions today include ham, teddy and snot. Nothing if not varied.

So on to the pictures - it's been a week with lots of cheesy grins. Mini-M is turning into a bit of a diva in front of the camera, to the extent that she now picks it up, says cheese (which sounds like "shzzzzz") and waves it in my direction, whilst grinning from ear to ear. She's going to be disappointed come 2012 when my daily photo challenge finishes!

Saturday 3rd December
Mini-M looking very pleased with her new toy... Auntie L's bike light!

Sunday 4th December
We spent a few very chilly hours at Scott's Selkirk and experience the first few flakes of snow of the year. Mini-M also had some roundabout envy...

Monday 5th December
Doing some very mucky Christmas stamping!

Tuesday 6th December
Our little tree looking festive before bed

Wednesday 7th December
Great excitement as the printed copy of my book arrived. Seeing all the words I wrote there in black and white was a great feeling!

Thursday 8th December
Mini-M getting to grips with the Tweed catchment...

Friday 9th December
Mr E and Mini-M at the front door this morning as I was heading off to work - they look very happy to be getting rid of me!