A Picture A Day: Week 7

Can't believe it's Friday again, and I've managed 7 weeks of daily photos without giving up - and it's becoming second nature, so things are looking likely for lasting the distance.

Saturday 12th February
Mini-M eating the sponge in the bath. It is a favourite for chewing unfortunately!

Sunday 13th February
Curved stonework on a disused railway tunnel on the Warriston Path during an early morning buggy walk - Mini-M hasn't grasped the concept of weekend long lies just yet.

Monday 14th February
Valentines Day kirigami heart I made for my better half

Tuesday 15th February
Close-up of the Merchant Navy memorial outside Malmaison at the Shore, Edinburgh

Wednesday 16th February
The view along our balcony - making it look a bit like we live in the 'hood! But we don't, honestly!

Thursday 17th February
My Valentines card: "We go together like teen girls and vampires" :o)

Friday 18th February
Swing Bridge at the Shore, Edinburgh